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Welcome to the FlyTeam

Experience the Tyrolean and Allgäu mountains from a special perspective. Enjoy the indescribable experience of a paragliding tandem flight with our experienced state-certified paragliding tandem pilots and flight instructors.

If the weather is good, we fly daily all year round.

You don't have to be a pilot to experience the feeling of free flight. With a paragliding tandem flight you can easily realize your dream of flying without being able to fly yourself! The procedure of a paragliding tandem flight is very simple.

Who we are

All pilots of our team have been passionate paragliders for many years and have completed several thousand flights during this time. Our passion for flying, many years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment guarantee you a maximum flying experience from take off to landing.

Yvonne Dathe
Yvonne Dathestate cert. tandem pilot / flight instructoryvonne@flyteam.info
Master of business and psychologist • 5 times german champion • 3. at european championship 2014 • World champion in team 2015 • Team silver EM 2016
Thomas Ide
Thomas Idestate. cert. tandem pilot / flight instructortom@flyteam.info
3. place german championship 2013 & 2014 • World champion in team 2015 • Pilot of the German Paragliding League since 2008 and passionate cross-country pilot
Volker Lutz
Volker Lutzstate certified tandem pilotvolker@flyteam.info
Happily married to Kerstin and father of Niko, Jan, Maren and Helen. As a father of a family he is responsible and safety-conscious.

Feedback from our co-pilots :-)



One of the most fantastic experience of my life! Very professionel! Afterwards we got great pictures and videos! Thanks Thomas and Yvonne!

Paragliding with Yvonne

During my visit to Tirol I was able to fly with Yvonne. And iT was great!!! The compagny is very flexibel and the contact By e-mail, whatsapp and phone was very good.
IT was a great experience and i Will come back definitely! Thank you!

Very nice flight in the winter!

I went down from Reutte. The Flyteam members were very helpfull. The gave all the support and where very relaxt. I really loved it and the film was great, thanks!,,,
To experience this enthusiasm is our motivation. Further reviews of our co-pilots can be found here

Flight areas

Here an overview of the mountains we fly to. By the selection of launch sites for different wind directions we can, depending on the conditions, avoid the optimal mountain for our flight day.

Allgäu Logo
Pfronten Logo
Schwangau Logo
Halblech Logo
Reutte Logo
Tirol Logo
Pfronten Logo
Ab 149 €

Experience the most beautiful views of the impressive Allgäu Alps.

Reutte Logo
Ab 149 €

Above the nature park region Reutte we enjoy the view to the Zugspitze and the mountain panorama of the Lech valley.

Schwangau Logo
Ab 175 €
TEGELBERG • Schwangau

Discover the world-famous royal castle from a very special perspective.

Halblech Buching Trauchgau Logo
Ab 125 €

Popular paragliding mountain with fantastic views of Forgen- and Bannwald lakes.

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A few impressions from above. By the way: fear of heights is not an obstacle :-)
This will be reported to us again and again by our copilots who otherwise have problems with the altitude.

Hahnenkamm • Reutte

Tegelberg • Schwangau

Breitenberg • Pfronten

Hahnenkamm • Reutte

Buchenberg • Buching

Tegelberg • Schwangau

Hahnenkamm • Reutte

Buchenberg • Buching

Breitenberg • Pfronten

Hahnenkamm • Reutte

Breitenberg • Pfronten

Buchenberg • Buching

Breitenberg • Pfronten

Hahnenkamm • Reutte

Breitenberg • Pfronten

Answers to frequently asked questions

Must I be sporty?
You don't need to be a sportsman now, but you need to have a normal physical condition. In case of heart disease, high blood pressure or other impairments the pilot has to be informed before the flight.
Can I photograph / film during the flight?
Of course you can take your own photos during the flight or use your video camera. However, please note that the camera is secured. In addition, some people only get a glimpse of the actual flying experience when they are watching films. So that you can fully concentrate on your flight, we offer you our photo service during the flight.

Dates & Flight tickets

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please call our hotline number or write us a short message.

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