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Welcome to the FlyTeam 

Enjoy the Tyrolean and Allgäu mountains from the unique perspective of a tandem paragliding flight with our experienced Tandem-Pilots.

If the weather conditions permit, we can fly every day of the year.

You don´t need any experience to share the dream of flying like a bird! Tandem paragliding is very simple! One moment, you´re on the ground, the next moment, you´re in the air. Chose your personal flight from our offers.

Every FlyTeam-Pilot has flying experience from more than 20 years with the paraglider and several thousands flights. Our big experience is your guarantee for a maximum of flight experience from take off to the landing. We are looking forward to take off with you.



  • Yvonne


    • Active paraglider since 1994
    • 4-times German Champion
    • 3. Place at European Championship 2014
    • World Champion in Team 2015
    • Vize-Europeanchampion 2016
    • Flight Instructor & Tandem Pilot
  • Alex


    • Active paraglider since 1986
    • 2008 record: 8848 meters
    • 7 summits in 24 hours
    • 2-times participant at the Red Bull Dolomitenmann
    • Tandempilot
    • Ski and hiking instructor
    • Flight instructor
  • Thomas


    • Active paragliding pilot since 1991
    • international succuess paragliding pilot
    • Member in the German national team
    • 3. Place Geman Championship 2013 & 2014
    • World Champion in Team 2015
    • Flight instruktor
    • tandem pilot

Flight Areas overview

Here You Can Fly With Us:

Breitenberg • Pfronten

One of the most beautiful view over the Allgäu foothills of the Alps.

Grubigstein • Lermoos

The Grubigstein is the most famous flight mountain within the Zugspitzarena. During the whole flight from Grubigstein you can enjoy the majestic view at the Zugspitze.

Hahnenkamm • Reutte

In middle of the beautiful nature park of Reutte is the Hahnenkamm. After the take off you enjoy the vew of the nature park of Reutte, the Zugspitze, and the alps of the Lech valley.

Zugspitze • Ehrwald

With 2.986 m is the Zugspitze the highest mountain of germany. In 45 minutes hiking is the take off reachable. This mountain is only for ambitious hiker!!!

Overview Map
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The special gift.

  • Breitenberg • Pfronten
  • Grubigstein • Lermoos
  • Hahnenkamm • Reutte
  • Zugspitze • Ehrwald
  • Overview Map
  • Gift Voucher

Impressions from top

Überm Falkenstein
Start vom Grubigstein
Überm Hahnenkamm
Start vom Oststartplatz
Panorama Zugspitzarene
Blick zum Forgensee
Hoch überm Startplatz
Überm Breitenberg
Falkenstein- und Salobergrat
Nordost Startplatz
Über Pfronten
Landung am Breitenberg
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Info and Appointments:

If the weather are good for paragliding we fly daily. For more informations and booking choose one of our Hotline-numbers in Germany or Austria:

• Allgäu: +49 (0) 160 91469082
• Tirol: +43 (0) 660 4616505
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our Offers:

  • Panorama flight
  • Couple flight
  • Thermal flight
  • Whole flight day
  • Gift voucher


  • Looking forward to fly!
  • Normal physical constitution
  • Stable, ankle-high footwear
  • Between 25 - 100 kg of body weight
  • Clothes depending on the season



About ourMotivation

Every FlyTeam-Pilot has over 20 years flying experience with the paraglider and several thousends flights.

We love this sport and we love to see the joy and enthusiasm of our passengers.



20+ years

Flying experience

10+ years

Competition experience

Das sagen unsere Passagiere:

Am besten kannst du einschätzen, ob ein Gleitschirm-Tandemflug mit uns was für dich ist, wenn du die Stimmen unserer Passagier liest:

“Unvergesslicher Tandemflug am Hahnenkamm”

Wir sind zusammen mit Yvonne am Hahnenkamm bei Reutte geflogen und es war wirklich ein unvergessliches Erlebnis! Die Terminplanung und die Absprachen im Vornherein haben auch super geklappt. Liebe Yvonne, vielen lieben Dank für den unglaublichen Flug und die richtig tollen Bilder. So können wir uns noch lange an dieses Erlebnis erinnern.

quotes-image KleneBiene

“An alle die, die es noch nicht gemacht haben..... ein WAAAAAAAHNSINNS Erlebnis !!! ;-)”

Ein unvergessliches Erlebnis am Breitenberg mit zwei tollen netten Menschen. Danke Yvonne und Thomas! Alles war perfekt: Organisation, Wetter, Start, Flug, Thermik, Landung..... was will man mehr?
Daumen HOCH!!!!

quotes-image Marcus S.

weitere Bewertungen



  • Must I be sporty? +

    You must be no sports cannon, however of a normal physical constitution. With heart deseases, high blood pressure or other interferences the pilot is to be informed about it before the flight!

  • Is paragliding dangerous? +

    The risk of paragliding provides over and over again for discussion material. Flying is safe, but it forgives no negligence and disrespect. Our experienced tandem pilots provide for the sure frame. Also the huge advancement of the device security contributes to it. A certain rest risk is not to be excluded with all physical sports.

    To fly with a paraglider is less dangerous than driving with a car today!

  • I have fear of heights, can fly I, nevertheless? +

    Should you have fear of heights, is this no obstacle! Many pilots know this phenomenon that they are afraid and an extremely nasty feeling on a tower, but this negative sensation deviate at by flying with a paraglider an absolute pleasant sensation.

    We do not jump - we glide! Thus you have enough time to get used to the changing perspective!

  • Is the landing hard / fast? +

    Basically not. The speed at the landing depends on the wind in the landing field and also on the weight. Before the landing the speed of the paraglider is braked, so that you have to run along some quicker steps. With wind the landing becomes softer and even slower.

  • How long does a tandem flight takes? +

    Paragliding is a nature sport in which many factors play a roll, so that every flight is different.Hence, our flight times are all-inclusive times. According to upward wind valid the following all-inclusive times:

    Breitenberg ca. 15-25 min (pure flying time)
    Hahnenkamm ca. 15-25 min (pure flying time)
    Grubigstein Bergstation ca. 20-30 min (pure flying time)

    For cable railway, preparation, flight and landing must be calculated approx. 1.5 hours

  • Can also become flown in winter? +

    Of course we fly also in winter.
    Winter flights have her quite own charm. Quieter air, more stable weather condition and a really view are only some of the advantages of winter flights. With warm ski things, gloves and sunglasses or ski glasses you are well prepared. If necessary, you will get from us a wind-thick overall and storm bonnet. Please, cleare in advance!!

  • Can I fly with glasses / contact lenses? +

    Yes, you can simply wear your visual glasses or solar glasses, because by start, flight or landing no big jerky charges come up to you. If you wearr contact lenses it is advisable to carry sunglasses, so that the journey wind does not hit directly on the eyes, with it you prevent drying up the eyes.

  • Can I go with friends to the same time to the air? +

    We exist of a firm team of 3 pilots, therefore we can fly with 3 people to the same time so long as with timely registration.

  • Can I take photos / films during the flight? +

    Of course you can take photos / films during the flight with your own camera. Certainly, is to be noted that some people miss the real flight experience for taking fotos and films. That you can concentrate completely upon your flight, we offer to you our photo services during your flight.

    Read More
  • Are tandem paragliders bigger than solo paragliders? +

    Tandem paragliders must carry two people (higher weight), hence, these are also bigger than solo paragliders. Tandem paragliders have approx. 40 square metres of surface, solo paragliders have between 22 and 30 square metres.

  • How old may I be minimum or maximum, so that I can still fly? +

    Juridically there is for passengers no minimum age. Our youngest passenger was 5 years. Importantly, besides: Children and youngsters need the written statement of agreement from one of the legal gurdian.

    If you are an older passenger and are still fit, some quick steps in the sloping area are no problems for you, then you can fly with us. Our oldest passengers was 87 years. Important is the wind situation (nice start wind), your body fitness (weight and size) .
    Our pilots have the responsibility for Themselves and will decide in such cases due to experience, individually whether a flight is feasible or not.

  • Which flight is to be recommended for the first time? +

    We mostly recommend one of our panorama flights, according to predilections of the Grubigstein, Hahnenkamm oder Breitenberg. With the standard flight all possibilities are open to you, i.e., on the flight day you can also book on a higher valued flight, if you wished this.

    Example: So long this admit the flight terms. You can agree this directly with the pilot. If the conditions are very good you can book an higher valued flight during the flight. Then we fly even longer and higher with you, so that you come completely on your costs.

    Read More
  • When is the best season and the best time of day for paragliding? +

    There is no best season! - Every season has her special charm.

    In the morning the air is mostly the clearest and the view is unique, mostly still little thermics and turbulence, i.e. the flight will become quieter. Then from the later morning the thermics mostly starts which becomes stronger in the day course and generates of course also more move in the air. About evening it becomes quieter again.

  • How long before should I announce? +

    In the high season from May - October, especially at the vacation times, on week-ends and holidays we recommend a timely reservation approx. 2 weeks in advance. From December to April short-term appointments 1-2 days in advanceare no problem.

  • Where is the meeting place? +

    The exact meeting place is agreed in the eve by the weather confirmation by telephone. As a rule one meets in the landing field or directly in the valley station of the cable railway.

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