Media digest

Articles and film contributions published about us

Kreisbote 12.08.2017

Newspaper report about the German Championship 2017

Article about paragliding in the nature park region

Fernsehbericht EM 2016

ARD-Mittags-Magazin August 2016

Allgäuer Zeitung Juli 2015

Article about the German X-Alps participants

Gliderhub-Blog Interview

Interview with Yvonne regarding X-Alps 2015

Weltmeisterschaft 2015

Video of the last round of the World Cup in Colombia

Fernsehbericht Yvonne

ARD Mittagsmagazin v. 24.09.2014

Fernsehbericht EM 2014

München TV Sportarena v. 8.09.2014

DHV Info EM 2014

3rd place for Yvonne at the EM in Serbia

Kreisbote 24.07.2013

Two editors report from there first time

Griaß di Magazin 2013

Article about Yvonne´s great passion

Flying enthusiasm

Yvonne has stated your reasons in this article

Record flight to Lake Tegernsee

Report on a flight area record by Thomas

German Championship

Report on the DM 2013 in Slovenia

Paragliding Worldcup

Success at PWC 2012 in Macedonia

German Championship

Article in the Allgäuer Zeitung about the German Open